December 13, 2016

10 best second hand shops in Stockholm

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Second hand shopping in Stockholm

Second hand shops in Stockholm are super popular among the Swedes. In a country that loves recycling, you can be sure to find amazing bargains around the vintage shops in Stockholm. Stockholm offers everything from small vintage boutiques to bigger charity second hand shops. As always, you have to dig deep to find the best pieces but hey that´s the fun with it right? Smaller shops have focus on special eras and other collect second hand pieces from exclusive brands. More and more people prefer not to buy mass-produced clothing. Here is our guide to 10 of the best places to for second hand shopping in Stockholm.

Best vintage and second hand shops in Stockholm

1. Myrorna

Myrorna is Salvation army´s second hand shops and you find them all over the city and in the suburbs. Prices are fair but unique pieces are priced high. The clothes are well displayed and its easy to shop here.
Address: Many shops all over the city.
Open: Normal opening hours, check the website for more information

2. Stockholms Stadsmission

Best second hand shops in Stockholm
Second hand shops in Stockholm, Stadsmissionen

One of Swedens biggest chains of second hand shops. Stockholms Stadsmission are selling items to support their cause, mainly helping homeless. Great selection, some of the shops are more focused on exclusive items other have a vintage touch.
Address: many locations check the website
Öppet: varies, have a look on the website (recommendations: Hagagatan and Skånegatan, also Hantverkargatan has brand stuff)

3. Emmaus Vintage

This duo vintage and second hand shop is located in Södermalm. The vintage section is down a stair and holds beautiful unique items. The second hand shop next door has regular items but you can find something special if you put your heart into it.
Address: Peter Myndes Backe 8
Öppet: weekdays 10.30-19, Saturdays 11-17, Sundays 12-16

4. Old Touch

In this vintage shop you can find real treasures at low prices.
Address: Upplandsgatan 43
Open: weekdays 11-18, Saturdays 11-15

5. Lisa Larsson

A classic vintage boutique in SoFo, Södermalm. Mainly items from the 30-70ies. Well renowned and high quality.
Address: Bondegatan 48
Open: Tuesday-Friday 13-18, Saturdays 11-15

6. Judits Second hand

Second hand shops in stockholm
Second hand shops in Stockholm, Judits

Judits is a real classic. The to go place if you are looking for vintage dresses and true vintage.
Address: Hornsgatan 75
Open: weekdays 11-18.30, Saturdays 11-16.30

7. Humana

Cool vintage shop in Stockholm. Popular place for hipsters and club kids. Easy to find fashion bargains.
Address: Timmermansgatan 23
Open: weekdays 10-18, Saturdays 11-17

8. Epok

Epok is not only a vintage shop they also rent out fantastic creations. Owned by a old woman, that is like a dictionary when it comes to vintage and fashion. On of the best second hand shops in Stockholm – this is a special experience you don´t want to miss.
Address: Odengatan 83
Open: weekdays 11-18, Saturdays 11-16
Website: no

9. Beyond Retro

Second hand shops in stockholm beyond retro
Second hand shops in Stockholm, Beyond Retro.

The Beyond Retro shops in Stockholm is where you go if you are looking for that special outfit. A lot of Gatsby´s fashion and vintage style clothes.
Address: Åsögatan 144, more locations on the website
Open: weekdays 11-18.30, Saturdays 11-18, Sundays 12-17

10. Camillas kläder

A great second hand shop in Stockholm for those who look for brand clothes second hand rather than vintage. Beautiful second hand clothes, shoes and accessories at fair prices.
Address: Fleminggatan 28
Open: weekdays 10-18, Saturdays 11-16
Website: www.camillasklä Information for Expatriates, Expat Guides

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