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December 12, 2016

New Year in Stockholm

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Celebrate New Year in Stockholm – how and where?

How does Swedes celebrate New Year’s Eve? For most Swedes New Year’s Eve celebrations that takes place in private dinner parties. For the people living in Stockholm the night of New Year´s Eve doesn’t generally mean going out to clubs, but these days it’s becoming more and more normal to do so. If you didn’t get an invite to a dinner party, don’t worry, we have listed the best clubs for celebrating New Year in Stockholm further down.

A traditional menu for a Swedish New Year celebration is; a starter of Skagen toast, a main course of either gratinated lobster or a tenderloin steak and a delicious panna cotta for desert.

New Year in Stockholm, a typical menu.

Swedes will dress up a lot for this event and the colors scheme is mainly black and white, glitter,silver and gold.


After having dinner, people living in Stockholm either watch the count down broadcast from Skansen on television (mainly older people choose to watch this event on TV) or head to the streets to watch the fireworks and count down together with their friends and strangers. Many people will bring fireworks to the streets and fire them. You bring your drinks to the street, a lot of champagne bottles will be opened and glass filled and passed around.

New years eve in stockholm
New Year´s eve in Stockholm, fireworks.

The best spots to view fireworks on New year in Stockholm

Are you planning on visiting Stockholm during the New Year celebrations? We have made a complete guide for you on where to go to best see the fireworks.


New year stockholm skansen
New Year´s Eve on Skansen in Stockholm

Stockholm’s best organized New Year celebration dating back to 1895. On every year since the tradition started Tennyson’s poem “Ring Out Wild Bells” (in Swedish of course) has been recited by a Swedish celebrity on the stroke of midnight. This year actor Pernilla August will read the poem and do the count down. The event is broadcast live on Swedish television, starting at 23:15 with music and entertainment. Entrance from 20.00. The New Year´s Eve celebrations at Skansen attracts thousands of visitors. It’s not allowed to bring fireworks to Skansen.
Price: regular 170 SEK ticket “ordinarie”, children 70 SEK ticket “barn”
Tickets: Buy tickets here


New year in Stockholm Strandvägen
New Year´s Eve in Stockholm on Strandvägen.

See the fireworks fired of on Södermalm on Stockholm´s most exclusive street. The street is filled with well-dressed people coming from posh parties in Östermalm, where the well-off people of Stockholm live. The area is very close to the club and party district of Stockholm, perfect if you want to warm up in a nightclub and continue the celebrations after midnight.


New Years eve Fjällgatan Stockholm
New Year in Stockholm, Fjällgatan view.

Katarinavägen towards Fjällgatan is a very popular place to enjoy the fireworks on Södermalm island. The view is spectacular at this fantastic view point of Stockholm, which is very well visited even when its not New Year´s Eve for its wonderful view of Stockholm.


Skinnarviksberget new year
The night view of Skinnarviksberget in Stockholm

This is a classic place to celebrate New year in Stockholm. The view of the fireworks from Skinnarviksberget on Södermalm is breathtaking. Although the place tend to be a bit crowded, this is the best place to get to know happy Swedes celebrating New Year´s Eve in Stockholm.


New year in stockholm västerbron
New Year in Stockholm as seen from Västerbron bridge.

The bridge Västerbron connects the island of Kungsholmen with the island of Södermalm, meaning that you here enjoy the company of people from different parts of the city. Thousands of people will gather on Västerbron to celebrate New year in Stockholm. The view is spectacular, with the city hall in the background. Being a bridge the place can be a bit windy, wear warm clothes!

New year in stockholm hotels

Best nightclubs on New Year in Stockholm

Although Swedes normally don´t go out to clubs on New Year in Stockholm, there are a few exceptions. If you want a legendary night out, its recommended to buy the tickets to the clubs in advance because they will sell out. Some of the clubs also offer dinner packages. Dress codes will apply.

Stureplansgruppen owned nightclubs (list below)

New year berns stockholm
New Year celebrations in Stockholm at Berns nightclub

For a legendary party head to one of Stureplansgruppens five nightclubs in Stockholm. You find spectacular New Year celebrations in these nightclubs: Ambassadeur, Berns, Hell’s Kitchen, Sturecompagniet and Spy Bar. Some will run late until 05 in the morning. In Berns you can book a menu and hotel package too. The parties are popular, so be sure to buy tickets in advance to avoid having to celebrate midnight out in the cold.
Time: Varies, see the respective place
Price: According to the “Early Bird” principle (the price goes up gradually)
Tickets: Buy tickets to Berns legendary party here
Age: 20/23 years


nalen stockholm nightclub
Stockholm Nalen nightclub on New Year´s Eve

Epic New Year´s eve celebrations in Nalens vintage-inspired masquerade ball with grand shows, three dance floors, live jazz and silent films accompanied by live piano. For the fifth year Nalen will host “The Roaring 20’s” a glittering masquerade ball of burlesque and cabaret club Miss Frauke Presents. Nalen also has a New Year’s dinner package.

Don´t forget to dress up for this party! This is the night to go all in! The dress code is “dressed up”, which means that you will not be able to enter in jeans and t-shirt. The theme is masquerade, vintage, era, ball and gowns, evening dress/tuxedo/suit, uniform, fetish, masks, glitter, etc. Great prizes will be awarded to the winner of the Best Dressed contest!

After dinner party: 22:00 to 03:00: 380 SEK
Tickets at the door (if any remain): 450 SEK

Best hotels for New Year in Stockholm

If you want to celebrate New Year in Stockholm in style you should go for one of these exclusive hotels listed below.

Grand Hôtel Stockholm

Grand hotel in stockholm sweden
Grand Hôtel in Stockholm

Celebrate New Year in Stockholm in style in Grand Hôtel. This luxury hotel in Stockholm does also house a 2 Michelin star Mathias Dahlgren Restaurant. The rooms are all uniquely design, with a personal touch that you rarely find in hotels these days. Book here

Sheraton hotel Stockholm

Sheraton Stockholm new year
Sheraton hotel in Stockholm

If you want to celebrate New year in Stockholm like a celebrity you should stay in Sheraton hotel Stockholm. This stylish and exclusive hotel offers great service and in an excellent location in the city center. Only five minutes walk to Old town “Gamla stan”. Book here

Hotel Diplomat Stockholm

hotel diplomat in stockholm
Hotel Diplomat Stockholm

If you want to be in the middle of the New year celebrations in Stockholm then Hotel Diplomat is where you want to stay. Located on Strandvägen, one of the top five places to see the fireworks, you are on the front row of the New Year´s festivities in Stockholm. This beautiful Art Nouveau Hotel has a vintage luxury feeling about it. Book here

Cheap hotel in Stockholm options

If you want to make something special out of your New Year in Stockholm you should check out these fantastic hotels. If your budget doesn’t allow any of the luxury hotels featured above or if they are already sold out, don´t worry there are many hotel options in Stockholm. You can find hotels for all budgets and in all areas. For availability and prices please check

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