December 8, 2016

10 best cafés in Stockholm

If you are curious about the 10 best cafes in Stockholm we will help you choose! Stockholm is known for its many cafes and coffee shops all over the city. From 19th century traditional cafes to innovative modern coffee shops with excellent coffee drinks and pastries. The expansive coffee culture in Stockholm leaves no one unhappy and the creamy pastries will make you want to walk those extra miles between Stockholm´s beautiful city sights.

The fika culture

The Swedish expression fika is a significant for the café culture in Stockholm and all over Sweden. Fika means “to have coffee”, but often includes even a pastry, cookie or a sandwich. The fika concept also includes the social act of having a coffee with a friend. Swedes will often say “ska vi ta en fika?” meaning “lets have a fika”. Pastries, cookies and especially cinnamon buns are called “fikabröd” meaning “bread for fika”. The best combination for a lovely fika is something sweet plus coffee.

Seven kinds of cookies

”Sju sorters kakor” translates into ”seven kinds of cookies” is a Swedish custom known from the 19th century, an etiquette on the minimum amount of cookie types an arranged fika in your house should contain. That is, except all the pastries, buns and cakes. By not you might wonder why Swedes still are slim and fit, we work out and walk a lot.

Cafes in Stockholm

The café culture in Stockholm is growing every year, even during financial crises and despite rising prices. To young people the fika tradition is an absolute must in their social lives. While older people historically tended to drink most of their coffee in their homes, young people tend to visit cafes and coffee shops more frequently.

The best cafes in Stockholm

1. Vete-Katten

Vetekatten cafe stockholm
Vete-katten café in Stockholm (img src:

Stockholm’s most famous and renowned café is called Vete-Katten, referring to a type of sweet bun literally translating to “wheat cat” and also has a double meaning, something like “I have no idea”. It was founded in 1928 and has lately been renovated to preserve the beautiful interiors. If you only going to visit one café during your trip to Stockholm Vete-katten has to be it. Besides from the main café area, Vete-Katten has a wonderful labyrinth of small lounges, coffee rooms and corridors. The interior is modern in the main hall but kept traditional in the smaller areas of the café. The variety of pastries, cinnamon rolls and cookies is impressive and they all taste just as good as they look.

Kungsgatan 55
Tel – 08208405
Subway: T-centralen
City area: City center

2. Winercaféet

Wienercafeet stockholm
Wienercafeet Stockholm (img source:

For over 100 years, the Winerkonditoriet has been a popular meeting place, with classic vibes of Vienna and Paris. After a complete renovation in 2013 it was renamed Winercaféet anno 1904. And as the name suggests, Winercaféet nowadays has an early 20th century continental feeling. The interior is airy with expansive windows, marble tables and cotton napkins. The café is located on one of Stockholm’s most trendy streets with lots of beautiful boutiques. We recommend the lemon meringue pie with just enough sweet-sour balance in the lemon cream filling and delicious Italian meringue on top. Winercaféet is definitely one of the best cafes in Stockholm.

Biblioteksgatan 6-8
Tel: 08 – 684 23 850
Subway: Östermalmstorg
City area: Östermalm/City center

3. Tössebageriet

Tössebageriet cafe stockholm
Tössebageriet (img source:

Tössebageriet is a classic Swedish bakery and patisserie with modern influences. The name of the café holds her nickname “Tösse”. Tössebageriet was founded in 1920 by Helga Södermark. Lately the café has gotten a lot of media attention due to the owner Mattias Ljungberg´s innovative interpretations of classic Swedish pastries, for this reason Tössebageriet was named the best café in 2015 by White guide.

Karlavägen 77
Tel: 08-6622430
Subway: Karlaplan.
City area: Östermalm

Café String

Café String
Nytorgsgatan 38
Tel – 087148514
Subway: Medborgarplatsen/Skanstull
City area: Södermalm


Söder Renstiernas gata 12
Subway: Slussen
City area: Södermalm

Mellqvist kaffebar

Mellqvist kaffebar
Rörstrandsgatan 4
Subway:S:t Eriksplan
City area: Norrmalm

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